Tripod Projection Screen With Stand (SPSTRI/7)

Tripod Screen

It comes with stand where Screen goes from down to upwards & hook is fixed on the upper portion of the stand which has three legs.

The screen is made from a matte white, high-resolution material that produces distortion-free images. This adjustable projector screen retracts smoothly and provides a properly tensioned viewing surface. A durable steel carrying case is also included. Tripod Automatic Roll-back Spring Action.

Tripod Automatic Roll-back Spring Action

This is a Tripod type screen. Similar to the WARSA model, it consists of the viewing surface rolled over a spring roller and encased in a barrel (box type casing). There are no brackets but instead, a folding, mobile TRIPOD stand is incoporated in the design enabling mobility of the screen and setting up anywhere on flat ground.

Key Benefits

  • It Is Mobile Screen Which Can Easily Move From One Place To Another Place.

  • It Is Single Stand Screen Which Can Stand On Any Flat Ground.

  • The particular auto locking system keeps the screen smooth.

  • Imported high-quality fabric offers clear and vivid image.

  • The alloy tripod is stable, nice and convenient to move.

  • Suit for various places such as flow business affairs, show, schools and mini type convention etc.

  • 4:3 format with all round 30-60mm black border.

  • 1:1 format with 30-40mm black side border.

  • Perfectly symmetrical tripod for great stability.

  • Strong shock resistant ends.

  • Fabrics are available on our tripod screen

  • Glass Beaded: Screen surface can be cleaned, flame retardant, Mildew resistant, Viewing angle is 35°and Gain is 2.8.High gain Fabric Matte White: Screen surface can be cleaned, flame retardant, Mildew resistant, Viewing angle is 55°and Gain is 1.2.

Available in the given below fabric

  • Economic Fabric

  • High gain Fabric

  • Met White Korean Fabric