Map Type Screen | SPS 6x4 / Map

Map Type Screen | SPS 6x4 / Map

This is manually folded, which has two rods on both the sides & one is rolled.As the name

suggests, this is a map type screen. It is the most basic model wherein the viewing surface

has two steel tubes on either side. There is a handle for suspension on any hook or stand.

This screen has to be manually unwound / wound. It comes with a plastic cover for storage.

Key Benefits

  1.  It Is Easy To Hang On Wall With Only Two Kneel.
  2.  It Can Easily Attach On Any Type Of Base Wall And Roof.
  3.  It Can Easily Pulled Up And Pull Down.
  4.  There Is No Need For Bottom Kneel.

Available in the given below fabric

  • Economic Fabric
  • High gain Fabric
  • Rear Fabric