Fabric Type

We are supplying the product in various fabric according to the products and customer wishes. We use only the best quality fabric and know how important it is for a presentation or a film. We procure and supply the best quality fabric materials to enhance the quality of the screens. We offer Rear and front projection material, Matt White - projection screen fabric and may other type of fabrics.

These days as the technology is changing every now and then, we have experienced the growth in demand and popularity of Matt white fabric. Matt white fabric is hard wearing, resilient to everyday knocks and contains preservatives to resist against more extreme environments.

We advise and offer you free consultancy in choosing the right fabric based on your purpose and requirements. If you are planning to setup a projection screen, it is highly advisable that takes exact measurement of your screen and then order fabric material a little larger in dimension than the original size of your projection screen. That little extra fabric will ensure proper installation of your screen, as you will need to support your fabric, such as on a frame. It is recommended that you add at least six inches to the intended width and height of your projection screen’s measurement

Some of the fabrics that we offer are as under:

  • Economic Fabric
  • High Gain Fabric
  • Met White Fabric
  • Korean Fabric
  • Rear Fabric
  • Indian Fabric
  • Imported Fabric