ALR Screen

ALR Fixed Frame Screen | SPS

Swastik Projection Screen Provide High Quality & Latest Technology ALR Fixed Frame Screen With Affordable Price. 




ALR Projection Screen Product Features:

ALR Screen is made of imported material .It is coated with unique ambient
light rejection coating material, which absorbs ambient light and lamplight. This
product has great anti-interference feature. There is a layer of crystal in the middle
of the surface, which effectively improve the brightness and make the Gain up to

Product Parameter:

  1. Material structure: PVC+Ambient light coat
  2. Gain: 0.8
  3. View Angle: 160
  4. Thickness: 0.31mm
  5. Resolution ratio: 4K
  6. 3D: active 3D
  7. Color: Grey
  8. Fabric width: 2.5m
  9. Suitable: Narrow frame screen/frame screen/tab tension electric screen
  10. Application: High end long focus throw projector